When photographing parties and events I always remember that is a great privilege to be there; being let in on the lives of clients at monumental times in their family history puts a great deal of trust in my ability to deliver quality professional photographic images at every event. Clients have an expectation from suppliers like me to provide them with great results and I never forget that because to do so would be to break that trust.

The worry most clients have in these circumstances is that images I shoot of them in unguarded moments won’t make them look foolish. I always make sure that the photographs supplied show the client, their friends, family and colleagues in the best light. For example, I rarely show people eating because people just don’t look their best at times like that (some weddings we may make an exception if it’s a desired shot, but even then I ‘manage’ the scene to ensure it looks good).  I also weed out shots that I know, with the 30 plus years experience I have, won’t be wanted – the unintentional photobomb is usually the culprit! As well as this, I place the selected images into a secure gallery, so the client can pick or discard any images they don’t wish to share with anyone else.

I understand totally, that clients want to be themselves at their private events and lose themselves in the hospitality and enjoyment of mixing with their friends and family. Bresserphotos lets them have this peace of mind and then they can relive the moments again when they view my images.


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