Are you organising a party for friends or your business? Special birthday? Anniversary? Company party to celebrate a new deal or just ‘team bonding’? Add in a professional photographer for your party and you can extend the highs of the night well into the future; especially when you share those images with all your party guests.

Company party?

If your business has the budget to pay for a shindig, event and party photography is a low cost way of showing staff how they bonded once they’re back at work . Photos showing the CEO arm in arm with the filing clerk is terrific material for the company newsletter or its website.

We often run a ‘photo booth’ experience for these events. We bring hats, feather boas and other fun props so people can pose together in relaxed and fun shots. Just ask for this option.

Special event party?

Whether its a 21st birthday party or a 60th; a 25th wedding anniversary party or a school reunion, having your own professional photographer capturing the great time had by all means you’ll have amazing photographs of you and your guests enjoying the hospitality and convivial atmosphere for years to come. We can even make commemorative photograph albums for you – just ask for details of our albums.

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