This photo party example shows a couple of ‘cowgirls’ at a recent photo shoot in West Kingsdown, Kent. The cowboy hats are some of the props we bring with us to make things go with a bit of fun and help everyone get is the right mood for great photo party photographs.

Our parties are great for any age from 10 up, but outstanding for teenagers! As well as our lovely cowgirl hats we bring blow up musical instruments, funny ‘disco’ glasses, feather boas and a host of other great props. Why do we bring them? they’re a fantastic way to break the ice and get everyone in the right mood to a bit of prancing in front of the camera.

Fancy a photo party of your own? Drop us an email to find out more or click on the photo party link on in the menu. You can check availability by going to your contact us page and checking the online diary (It generally up to date, but some dates do change)