360° photos are the latest way of showing your spaces intelligently for your customers. Photos produced as 360 degree images allow your customers to see where you are, what you have and the space available – it’s like they are virtually there – in fact, with a VR headset, its a virtual visit for your customers. Interested in having your own? Contact me and we can discuss your 360° photo tour needs.

Who will benefit from a 360° photos? Any business that has a real world space – retail outlets, hotels, serviced offices, storage spaces – anywhere that people need to see the space available and you need to bring in the people.

Service offices? 360° images will increase your occupancy. Retail outlet? 360° images will show customers your product lines. Forecourt based business? Show your stock or your service bays with 360° photos .

Here’s another example. And check out the branded ‘nadir’ point at the bottom of the 360° photo. This is an optional extra available to you, if your branding is important in the final images. Other options are:

  • Lead generation capability within the tour
  • Long term hosting options
  • Video creation
  • Stills photography creation
  • New scene creation after the originals created
  • Photo hosting for images

And there’s more…

These spherical images are amazing on their own and you will have website visitors interacting with your site is a way you have never seen before (link it to your SEO work and see visitors visit longer and click through more) but the REAL benefit is with our 360° photo tours. We shoot scenes that we link together allowing a complete navigation of your spaces. Move from office to office; room to room; from the outside to the inside – all in one beautiful, intuitive tour on your own* website.

The modern technology of these specialised cameras means that, using only two very wide angle lenses, each photos comprises a completly circular image capturing everything the lenses see. Software ‘stitches’ the images from each of the 200 degree lenses together, using the overlap from 180 degrees to accurately align the scene. The result looks like a panoramic image – wider than it is tall. Called equilinear images, the have a 2:1 ratio and this makes it easy for some platforms such as Facebook to recognised the image as a 360. At the moment this is the only social media platform to recognise these images and then display them in the correct way. Google Photo also has an option to show them in 360 format too. Every other area of the internet needs specialist software to convert the equilinear image to 360.

Everything described above is for a single image. Virtual Tours work by linking all these images together. The principle of ‘hyperlinking’ from one scene to another is exactly the same as you use on the web every day. Each link takes you to a new page. If the case of the 360 tours, each link takes you to the next scene. The examples above show you how this works.

*360° tours are adaptable, changeable, brandable. They link directly with your website via our non-branded hosting.