Getting commercial event photography for your gathering, symposium, presentation or other business event in Dartford, Kent or in the North West Kent area means you’ll get great images showing how amazing your company is for its staff and customers. Images added to your social media, newsletters or website immediately show the feel good factor you offer. I have great rates on commercial event photography around Dartford, ensuring your staff stay engaged with your customers or other stakeholders, rather that shooting sub rate photos with their phone cameras. I bring lighting so you get crisp, colour rich (or black and white) images ready for your marketing channels. Social media platforms really love quality, professional commercial event photography so why wouldn’t you want images that show how professional you are?

  • Show your customers engaged with your staff.
  • Demonstrate your standing in your profession
  • Show your work in the community and charities
  • Let others see the special awards you’ve earned

How We Work
I arrive around 30 mins before the event so I can check out the venue, lighting and areas you are likely to use most for your event. Commercial event photography works best when showing small groups of people engaged with each other, sharing anecdotes, shaking hands or even sharing a hug. For award ceremonies, I ensure I capture shots of people receiving their awards from dignitaries. Of course if I can, I also show the large groups; particularly if I can access higher areas, as this shows the numbers attending your events.

I offer hourly or event rates for commercial event photography, depending of time of day and dates. Contact Pete Bresser for more details.