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ben Leach concept photos depicting remote IT support
June 26, 2017

Ben Reaches Out To Customers With His New Profile Photo

Ben works in IT. That’s an area that has changed hugely over the past few years. Time was you had…

portrait of man with business cards 'flying' around him
February 15, 2017

Terry’s Perfect Portrait Was Always On The Cards

Terry Cella is a printer on a mission. He always wants to create great deals for his customers and help…

June 7, 2016

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana (or a tomato or a lime)

Some photography jobs are mad. Some jobs are conceived by a mind that is on a different planet. (I’m looking…

March 21, 2016

Where’s your head (shot) at?

Professional portrait photography is more than pointing a camera at someone and hitting the shutter release: It’s about how the…

February 24, 2016

A comfortable place for Dementia patients

I took a step back in time this week – back to the time of the Festival of Britain and…

January 18, 2016

House sales online need great photos

How do you sell houses faster? Houses sell faster if you present professional photos to potential buyers online. Fact. Sure;…

Britt Whyatt Winni the witch
October 29, 2015

October’s calendar shot is…

… Britt Whyatt. As October 31st is the time of ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night,…

September 25, 2015

Photos from Dartford’s #dartfordhour meet up

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July 15, 2015

Why it’s important to update your profile portrait: Via

We’ve always said ‘first impressions count – even online’ and this article reinforces this key point: Appearances speak volumes, particularly…

June 16, 2015

When to use high resolution photographs

Confused by ‘high resolution’ and ‘low resolution’ terms for your photographs? It’s easier to remember if you know how you…