Wedding Photography means you never really know what you will find at the next venue, so I generally visit any new (for me) place I am asked to carry out photography. Sometimes it’s a few hours before, but often it’s a week or so before hand.

Today I visited a lovely local church that I have often driven past, but had never taken the time to stop and take in its setting. St. Mary the Virgin is in Bexley, Kent and we’ll be shooting pictures there in a couple of week’s time for Kerry and Stuart’s wedding day.

Although fairly small inside, the setting is pretty, despite being on a main road. The church is very old with stones in the grounds dating back to the 17th century. A quire, as part of the nave, has lovely carvings and fretwork and forms the area where couples make their vows, before being blessed at the altar.

Inside St Mary the Virgin church, Bexley. Showing the quire and nave with the altar in the background.

I’m looking forward to a splendid wedding here with lots of lovely photographs of the couple’s families and friends enjoying the day. If you are getting married, please take a look at our wedding photography packages.