This was one of the most fun photography sessions I’ve ever done – and I don’t think they put me under a hypnotic trance to say that! Two very positive, funny and ultimately great people to work with, Zoe Clews and Tim Box are hypnotherapists embarking on a new area of business that takes them into show biz.

The brief was to come up some unusual images that created intrigue and curiosity but also conveyed the concepts of mystery and edginess. Tim had seen some work of ours that involved slow shutter speeds and light trails combined with flash to ‘freeze’ the action. To help with the mystery concept, we created a set of juggling ‘balls’ with LED battery powered lights in them (actually, they were perspex Christmas baubles I jerry-rigged to take the LEDs) I’ll post these in a few days time (the client gets first use after all!)

Zoe has particularly arresting eyes and we played on this with some of the session using a black background and halo lighting techniques.

head and shoulders portrait of Zoe Clews, Hypnotist, with black background and heavy lens flare from light source over her shoulderIMG_8805
three quarters portriat of Tim Box, hypnotist, against black background and using halo lighting around his head and sholdersIMG_8831