Dartford resident, Steve Cross, couldn’t believe his eyes when he found an old photograph of someone that should have been a twin. Then he discovered that the photo had been taken 120 years previously.

“It was like looking in the mirror and seeing myself stare back – but the photo was taken more than 70 years before I was born.” Said Steve. Astounded Steve turned to local photographers Bresser Photography & Digital Media to photograph him just like his ‘twin’ had appeared in the Victorian image of professional mute mourners and create a montage of him standing with his ancient ‘brother’.Twins 120 years apart 'reunited' in a photo

“It’s not the first time I’ve been asked to bring people together” Remarked Pete Bresser, Photographer for Bresser Photography & Digital Media; “but usually it’s to close a gap in the wedding party when taking the formal group shot.” He added.

With Steve dressed like his doppelgänger complete with pointed hat, sash and the strange funereal staff, Pete placed Steve against a white screen and photographed in colour. Then the image was edited, turned to sepia and sized to match the lower resolution image of the Victorian mourner. Blending them together meant matching the two subjects close together and creating a new background to make it as seamless as possible.


Click this link and view the original 120 year image. 

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