Portrait sessions that call for something a little unusual are always fun to shoot and a photo session earlier this month with Dartford accountant, Rumana Aktar from The Accounting Experts (TAX), proved great fun as we used more than 100 balloons in her corporate colours to fill the floor and then photographed Rumana standing in the middle of them. For some added fun, I did a little post production on them to include the company’s logo on the balloons too. Here’s what we came up with:

Rumana with balloons and her logo

As photographic sessions are defined as much by time available than anything else, it was important to me that we didn’t spend precious hours at the client’s offices blowing up the balloons. I have a very understanding wife (Louise, who helps in a myriad of ways around the business needs of me and Bresser Photography & Digital Media) who kindly blew up all 100 plus balloons the evening before. A great time saver! One thing I hadn’t bargained for however, was you cannot squeeze 105 of these 12 inch rubberised sacks of air into the back of a Citroen Xsara (certainly not with a giant bag for camera gear and paraphernalia) Even dividing them into two king-sized duvet covers – the only way to effectively move large quantities of filled balloons without bursting them – they only just went into mine and the car of a good friend for transporting to the client’s offices!

Of course the business profile was only one part of the shoot. We also found some time to show off Rumana’s beautiful smile and eyes, as you can see here.