commercial portraits - photograph of man and car in moody dark surroundingsThis month’s pin up is Chas Jordan! Seriously though, Chas was one of a number of people that pledged support for a 2015 charity calendar created by myself and another Kent based photographer. This was one of a number of commercial portraits. Chas’ shoot was carried out in a Gravesend multi story car park. It was funny to do as Chas and I had to avoid the cars arriving and leaving. We got a few side-ways looks from Gravesend’s shoppers that morning. The smoke behind the car adds a great moody atmosphere as we recreated the 1970’s TV show ‘The Equalizer’ for Chas’ March 2015 calendar shot.

The series of commercial portraits was compiled to support the charity Tomorrow’s People; supporting young people as they make their way in the world. Bresser Photography will post other shots over the year showing our work in this area. If you are looking for something more that a shot of you in your corporate uniform – something that shows people who you are, please get in touch and we’ll run through some ideas with you.