I photographed a local businessman who needed a new professional photographic portrait. Mark Smallcorn is a graphics designer based in Erith, Kent and he has become a friend over the last year we have known each other.

Being friends makes the process of photographing a person so much easier as they are naturally relaxed around you, even if they are not so comfortable with being the centre of the camera’s attention. We carried out the photo assignment is a couple of locations, but this one on Erith pier resonated we both of us. For Mark who is born and bred in the area, the pier represents his patch. For me, it enables reminiscence of the first real job I had, based in the town.

professional photographic portrait of local designer in KentMark and I enjoyed a morning of posing and shooting (and lunch out together) with this shot particularly being one I like. Mark is in the centre of this world with strong lead lines from the railings and the pavers pushing your eyes to look at him. He is also large in the world – an important person in his ‘manor’.

Also, the obviously man made structure of the pier over the natural environment of the river Thames alludes to Mark’s ability to create order and design, so providing us with a better viewpoint and structure as we access the world around us.

We also goofed around – as you can see here.