I’m still evaluating various software platforms for my nascent 360 image tours and this latest post shows how I can simply embed an image directly in my WordPress site.

This 360 image is from a client’s installation of a custom built set of sliding wardrobes and chest of drawers along with custom built dressing table and additional wardrobes. If you would like to know more about the wardrobes, please contact Fox Wardrobes Ltd, based in Strood, Kent.

My 360 image tours are still in development, but very shortly (within the next month) I will have full details of the package offering to commercial operations. I’ve already planned 5 very special tours for clients based in Kent. They will be using 360 images to show their clients how amazing their premises are. They range from service office space to a hospitality suite; a charity’s care facilities to a football stadium. 360 tours will give people a chance to virtually visit facilities right from their desk or mobile phone. If that sounds like the type of marketing that you would like for your business, contact Pete Bresser and I’ll come to you and show you how your business will benefit.

You move the image around with either your mouse or your finger. Click on the little ‘mask’ and if you’re on a desktop computer, you’ll see a full screen image; or if on a mobile you can pop it into a VR headset to see an immersive version. Enjoy!