This virtual tour is one of the most involved Bresserphotos has undertaken and is for a very worthy organisations called We Are Beams. It is a wonderful charity based in North West Kent, providing services to parents of children and young adults that have wide ranging and complex additional needs from the physical and neurological and to emotional.

Its facilities include the Dragon’s Retreat respite care unit so these young people have a safe environment to stay, if their parents need to leave them there for a short time.

Many of the service users are on the autistic spectrum, so offering them a safe haven while parents deal with family or similar matters is important. For some children, a visit to a new environment, albeit for a short time, is a traumatic event causing them untold amount of stress and anxiety. This can lead to behavioral disturbances, causing them and others around them, physical harm. Mitigating the conditions then, is paramount for children relying on routines and repetitive events to get them through any new and confusing situation.

The hope with the Beams virtual tour is children may virtually visit the floors, rooms and gardens from the safety of their own home. By moving from room to room, they will see the layout before a real world trip and so reduce the anxiety of a new visit. As with most 360° photos tours, access is via any modern internet connected display – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. As any of these devices are virtually ubiquitous in today’s households, there is little barrier to access the tour. Additionally, the ability to watch the tour with a virtual reality headset means viewers are completely immersed in the Beams virtual tour, creating an almost lifelike experience.

Please visit We Are Beams’ website to see the work it is carrying out and if you would like to see its facilities in the tour before a real world visit, use your mouse or finger to move around the Beams virtual tour below