Character portraits are great fun; here’s one for Throwback Thursday from 2014. Character portraits mean you can be who you want to be for the camera. Deborah here loves the film Grease, so she dressed as Sandy Dee from the end of the film (the Sandy at the beginning of the film is much less cool).

I carried out the shoot at a fairground that set up for the summer of 2014 in Sidcup. Shots of the shackshak (if you know the film, you’ll know why we wanted this backdrop) didn’t get used in the final character portrait used for the 2015 calendar, but they are too good not to share. The fairground owners were very positive about letting us trawl around the fair getting shots and we drew a bit of attention from a small group of teenagers that wanted to pose with ‘Sandy’.

I’m happy to say that, seven years later, these photos still bring a joy to Deborah and myself as we relive the day of that shoot. I’m only sorry that the video I did on the day didn’t survive the cutting room floor. If you would like your own character portrait, let’s chat over ideas and see if I can make your dream a photo reality.