Hi; thanks for coming by the booking page for the workshops. I have postponed the workshop due to happen on 6th April, due to illness. If you are interested in attending the workshops in the future, please drop me an email to let me know.

Next workshop is 6th April – and it’ll be a little different! We’re going to have a photo scavenger hunt. That’s one where you collect photos rather than items and the winner will be the person with photos that match the clues Alex & I set for you.

Sounds interesting? Oh – it gets better! You’ll have to practice some of the techniques and tips we have been giving you over the past few months and use them on your photos, hahaha!

But there’s more! If you book your place a week before the date, you’ll get a set of extra clues to help you on your hunt.
So; who’s up for it?

Book your place today below.

Venue: Coachhouse Studio, Farningham, DA4 0DG
Date: 6th April 2019
Time: 10:30am start until 1:00pm

I’m so pleased you have decided to book a place at one of my workshops. Please fill in the form below so I know who is interested and in which workshop. Details of the content of each workshop are usually at the top of this page or will be posted on the Saturday Morning Picture Show Facebook page.

  • Please note that details collected with this form will be used to inform you of future workshops only. Your details will be stored on a database where access is restricted to Bresserphotos (that’s the trading name for Pete Bresser) and anyone working for Bresserphotos in the future. If for any reason you wish to have your details removed from the database, please let us know.
  • Attendees to the workshops should be aware that photos of them are likely to be taken and published on social media platforms.
  • Please tick the checkbox in the form to show you are happy with these terms.

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