… Britt Whyatt. As October 31st is the time of ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night, Britt’s fitting photographic tribute to Winifred from the film Hocus Pocus for the ABC Member’s calendar, was a great way of highlighting her beautiful shock of red hair and dazzling personality (that hair and that dress and you think Britt doesn’t have a dazzling personality?) Britt is rapidly becoming an emminent food blogger in the UK and is a damn good baker too. She has already been on Radio One a few times as well as being featured in Sainsbury’s website blog pages. 

Keeping the whole thing in the mood we choose an equally spooky location to that the photographs – the Coldrum Stones, Trottiscliffe, Kent. Luckily we went on a lovely summer afternoon in July 2014, so didn’t encounter any creatures of the night. Still; the place has a certain haunting charm, especially as the nearby tree has small offerings knotted into its twigs and branches. It appears that the site is a focus of wiccan activity and a meeting place for druids, as well as a great locations for photographers.

The ABC member’s calendar was a joint project between Bresser Photography and another photographer Clare Joyce to support the network of local businesses and the charity Tomorrow’s People.