How do you sell houses faster? Houses sell faster if you present professional photos to potential buyers online. Fact. Sure; there are other elements to the process that will go a long way with house sales too: freshen up the paintwork, declutter your rooms, and give it a clean inside and out. Once you’ve done that though – get a professional in to photograph your place.

Anyone looking for a new home starts online these days and the first thing they’ll see are the photos. Buyers will spend only a fraction of a second deciding if they want to see more about your home rather than the next on the list and if your photos are dark, showing dingy rooms with muddy colours in the furnishings, then bye-bye buyer; they’ll move on.

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Estate agents still send their negotiators around to shoot the outside of your property, and some are using professional photographers to photograph the interiors – and not just on show homes, but the average three bedrooms semi and two up two down too. It’s about standing out from the competition on Zoopla and other online property websites. Estate agents know that if potential buyers aren’t wow’d with the way your rooms look, they don’t get the sale commission (or have to wait longer for it in the current climate) but if you are selling directly online, then you have to do it yourself.

It no secret that the camera on your mobile phone is pretty powerful, but when it comes to shooting photographs of interiors, the average seller won’t get the images needed to sell your home unless they have an understanding of architectural photography. Is the room well lit? Does the sunlight streaming through the window detract from the way the kitchen looks? Can you show all of the small bedroom in the one photo? Can mobile phone cameras photograph property? Probably not.

Do you know how a professional photographer photographs property? A professional photographer specialising in architectural photography understands the lighting in any room; they balance the natural light in a space with additional lighting they will bring with them and; they’ll use lenses that are more powerful that the bit of glass on the back of your cell phone. So; can they capture high quality images that will enhance your home’s look and get buyers opening up the ‘more details’ tab on the website? You betcha’.

You may think: ‘they’re bound to says that – they are pitching for the work.’ While it’s true, Bresserphotos does want to help you sell your home by using our expertise in architectural photograph and roomscapes, The Telegraph posted an editorial piece last year saying that “Pictures are by far the most important part so it is worth having professional photos taken”  And that’s not the only piece extolling the benefits of great photography in selling your home

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