Child portraits are a staple of and we always take a few as part of our photo party package. As well as lots of shots of the kids jumping around and enjoying themselves in front of the camera, we make a point of creating a few portraits of the children; photographing them individually for beautifully lit, portrait images. Mostly they are against a white backdrop for a ‘high key’ look, but occasionally we like to do something a little differently which is why we are posting this particular shot.

black and white head shot portrait of three children in profile

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The girls are photographed individually in profile, using a narrow beam of light on their face alone. The background is our black background, cutting any other light out from the shot. We then take the images and ‘stack’ them in software for this stylised child portrait. This is a small group of friends, but looks just as good with a family or with brothers and sisters.

Although this is in black and white, we always shoot in colour then convert once the images are back on our computer. Would you like a portrait for your living room like this? Drop us an email to say so – or even if you have your own ideas of how you would like yourself or loved ones to be photographed.