…and I was given chopping boards. Commercial photography is varied to say the least. These were nice ones, mind you: Bamboo with silicon rubber feet so they don’t slip while you are using them. Photographing them was fun as I could play with bringing out the texture of the material and the angle of shot enabled me to change the perspective of the boards. But the best bit was using a few sample pieces of wallpaper that the local hardware store ‘donated’ (all above board, I assure you!)

The wallpaper formed a great backdrop for the subject matter and a few well chosen props to set the scene provided additional interest. Here are a few of the results:

chopping-board-002chopping board made from bamboo with a halved red pepper and cook's knife Of course, there were also shots we needed showing the boards ‘floating’ on a simple, white background. These are standard shots for many items being sold online. Here’s one to illustrate the point.


Are you looking for commercial photography of items like this? Please get in touch if you are a reseller of small items you would like to look better on your online shops. If we can photograph it in our setup, we will.