Ben works in IT. That’s an area that has changed hugely over the past few years. Time was you had to present your broken computer or troublesome software either at an IT guru’s workshop or they came to you to get things working again. With remote support becoming common place on many platforms though, IT people like Ben can fix things as long as you have internet access and the machine isn’t displaying ‘the blue screen of death’.

As remote support is such an important area for Ben, we thought it worthwhile highlighting this in his new set of business profile portraits. He wanted to show what he does and – following some lifestyle changes where he lost more than three stone in weight – how he looks in 2017. Depicting a concept in photography is something that is relatively easy to do (certainly easier than with video) so coming up with a photograph of Ben leaning through the laptop computer to literally come the client’s side of the keyboard was a perfect way to show how he works.

The shot was completed with two images: one with the laptop on the table and Ben behind it and then with the laptop removed without moving Ben from the shot. With a small amount of editing, Ben appears to be reaching through the customer’s computer screen to access the keyboard. As well as this montage shot for his business portrait, we created a series of white background portraits that are easy to add to his social media profiles and other ‘tableaux’ showing how he works with computers, smartphones and other IT equipment.

A special thanks to the St. Georges Hotel in Chatham for the use of a room to carry out the shoot. Although the images look as if they were taken without the room lights on, we deliberately over powered these lights with our own lighting to create a big contrast between Ben and the background, using Gestalt Theory to accentuate Ben against the room.

Ben was pleased with the results and wrote a testemonial on the Bresserphotos Facebook page: Pete’s work is fantastic, he make the process so easy and make you feel relax throughout the shoot. If you want any professionals photos done for your business, family or event Pete your man !”