I get a buzz out of seeing my photographs published. The most recent photo is in the KM online edition, but I have had my work featured in The Sun, The Mail Online, Metro as well as in other local magazines or papers.

This week saw a piece for a client, following a deal to acquire another business. This simple handshake photo image belies the work carried out on the editing. The original shot of the two men was against a blank wall and with a bit of judicious editing I turned the background completely white. The background in the final photo was shot separately in natural light (that is, no use of flash or strobe lighting – just the ambient light. ) and then the two photos were merged together to create this image:

Outset Group chief executive Jonathan Gauton, right, shaking hands with Nicholas Moore following the takeover of Nicholas Moore Specialist Employment Lawyers.


If you would like to see the story, click on this link.

Adding backgrounds to photos can be carried out with relative ease if there original background is a uniform colour – it does not have to be green or blue – or even white. Costs for this type of work is dependent on the complexity of the images, but generally it is less that £30 per image. If you would like to find out more about this type of photographic compositing/editing, please get in touch.