I discovered an interesting short article from PhotoFeeler recently, pointing out that your profile photograph ought to reflect the current trends for headshots – not just for the business networking site, but also for your blogs and other online footprints. Essentially it says that journalistic styles – where the subject (that’s you) is in focus with the background out of focus, or studio format shots with plain backgrounds (not a mottled backdrop) are the preferred formats for shots showing professionals in the best light – if you will excuse the pun.

Photofeeler has an on-going test running to show which social media profile images people prefer and also how viewers of those photographs judge the people in the photos. It’s a vox pop of what is popular, what is considered professional and how you will be judged from your picture. You can visit the site and test your own photo at Photofeeler here.

The article adds that unusual head and hand poses are also ‘out’. If you would like to see the piece, which covers other areas about how you present yourself on LinkedIn, here’s the link to the site’s blog post.

Here are a few of my commercial portrait (head shot) photos for clients taken recently. Notice; they’re right on the button with the latest style. Read More: See the Commercial Photography page…