There’s a shortage of buyers on the market in UK housing, according to 2017 year end figures – but that’s OK; there’s also a shortage of houses coming onto the market. Together you may think that selling property through early 2018 shouldn’t differ significantly from previous slow years. Sadly, that is not the case. Your property’s condition will become a major point of interest –
almost as important as its location. Essentially, it’s time to freshen up the paintwork, declutter your rooms, and give your home a good clean inside and out.

The question you need to ask yourself is: ‘How can I get buyers looking at my house before my neighbour’s?’ Anyone looking for a new home starts online and the first thing they’ll see are the tiny photo galleries of external and internal photos. Buyers may only spend a fraction of a second looking at the sets of thumbnail images grouped onto the webpage, but deciding if they want to see larger versions of your home’s photos comes down to how bright, light, and colourful the thumbnail pictures appear. If your photos don’t present well in this beauty parade of interiors, buyers just move to the next set of photos on the list.

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As photos never lie (debatable – but let’s leave that aside for now) your home’s patchy paintwork, dodgy drainpipes, cluttered kitchen or worse, means that even professional photos won’t help you sell it. Before you put your home on the market, take an objective took at the place: Look at the state of the paintwork. Does the kitchen appear tidy? Nothing is more annoying than wonky kitchen cabinet doors so get a screwdriver out to make sure they meet properly. Could you make small changes to the bedroom to make it look calming and restful? – changing the bed linen may be enough. You don’t have to have a show home, but if you would have tidied for a visit from a prospective buyer, then why not do the same before the photos are taken?

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