Today was my first photographic assignment since coming back from holiday last week. I’ve eased my way back into work slowly it’s true, but I have also caught up with other outstanding business elements that I didn’t get round to finishing before the break.

So, today was the first property photography job – a nice little house up for rental in Southfleet. Property like this doesn’t come up very often, so it’s nice to be able to photograph a cottage in a country lane; with a traditional cottage garden. Inside, it is a simple white decor with very high ceilings and a modern bathroom suite.

property photograph of Kentish cottage
Kentish cottage with lovely garden to the rear
property photograph of Kentish oast house
Country lane outlook complete with Kentish oast house

Weather was terrific for property photography today: Sunny with blue skies and little fluffy clouds. No need to edit the shots with new skies (which I do as part of the process for my independent letting agencies or estate agencies). If you run an agency looking for high quality property photographs for your listings, please get in touch to find out more about your competitive offer in the North West Kent area.

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