Here, we can roam around a two bedroom cottage in Southfleet, Kent. Moving from room to room and then viewing in true 360° degree format.

If you have a VR headset, you can view the 360 property tour images as if you are on site.

Could this be the type of 360 tour you are looking for? Contact me for pricing and look out for new examples over the coming weeks.

These 360° property tours are hosted by a third party system for holding the images, but visitors to your site only see your branding. The branding on these tours is obviously mine, but I can add a client’s logo, contact details and website where desired. On the first tour, I have not removed the tripod at the base (known as the Nadir). On the lower one,  you will see my branding on the nadir, covering the tripod area. The exception is for the main bedroom, where I’ve edited out the tripod; showing the carpet instead. Editing the nadir involves a special format logo for the branding or editing skills for putting in the floor, so there is an additional charge for this.

You’ll notice the lead generation icon on the left of the tour too. This is an additional service available to clients. For a small subscription fee (paid monthly or annually) you will have a direct link to your email system, wherever you embed your tour. Contact me for details.

Did you see the video inside the tour? Click the link in the tour and see a short message from me.