Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

I’m a fine one to talk* – but decluttering properties before you come to sell is an absolute must. A place chocked full of ‘stuff’ is a major turn off for prospective buyers. It stops them seeing the space available in rooms for a start and many people find it hard to visualise the potential of a home when they can’t see the wood for the cat scratching post.

Decluttering property before I turn up to capture professional property photographs is a great idea too – and it doesn’t have in involve too much work either. Recently a link sent to me gave some absolutely perfect advice for the reluctant reclutterer (is that a word?). A list of extremely simple steps that will get you on the way to a simpler life and a better looking home. From clearing the outside of the fridge of all those photos, magnets and old wine bottle labels, to chucking out old rugs and mats that are threadbare or just plain dirty.

On Apartment Therapy, this list of 50 things experts say you can throw out right now is a great start to getting your home ready for sale, or even if you are looking at putting the place out for rental. I offer you some other great pointers in my own, downloadable, tips sheet if you need a bit of inspiration.

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*if you fancy tackling my midden of an office, just let me know!