This 360° windmill tour give you a chance to see inside a working windmill. Ever had this? I’ve never had an opportunity to see this either, until earlier this month. This is a 360° tour of the Jill Windmill in West Sussex. It has been fully restored by a charitable society and the windmill occasionally mills corn. It is actually one of two windmills on the location – the other of course, called Jack.

The visit was a rare opportunity to access the whole of the Jill Windmill without lots of other visitors being there and I made the most of it by creating 360° scenes around and inside the place and then adding them into this 360° windmill tour.

Inside a pretty Kent cottage via a 360° tour

I’m offering commercial operations the chance to have their own tour like this of their offices, event rooms and similar spaces for just £200.00 until the end of this year. Although there are some small caveats on this price (must be in Kent or South East greater London; travel costs may be extra; hosting cost is extra per year) This is an amazing offer and will create lasting visits to your website. Call 07795071446 for more details of this compelling technology.