Bresser photography loves wedding cake - save some for Pete

Wedding photography bookings start of come in from now to the beginning of the New Year. Many plans start with ‘will you marry me?’ around Christmas, but If you would like Bresser Photography & Digital Media to visit and discuss your upcoming wedding photography plans, please contact me on 07795 071446 or email Bresser Photography as soon as you can so I can provisionally book your date in the diary.

How are your plans going?

There’s always something special about planning a wedding; it’s the excitement of choosing the cake, the venue, the dress, the shoes and So.Many.Other.Things!!

For some, their plans are two years in the making. For others? Well, it’s a spur of the moment decision and getting on with it. Whether you are in either camp – or somewhere in between – I can help with the one area that will be important in years to come as well as on the special day. Wedding photography.

I offer three main packages for couples and you can see the details on our wedding photography page here. No matter what your plans are or your budget, I want to make it a very special day. The one thing I know from the experience of dozens of wedding I’ve attended as the photographer, is that the Happy Couple rarely get to take in every aspect of the day. The Groom, for instance doesn’t get to see the Bride getting ready – but I do. The Bride doesn’t get to see the guests arrive at the church – but I do. Some couples are so caught up in the day they forget to take in the decorations and flowers around the Church or wedding venue. I make sure these are shots I get as part of the wedding photography so, after the guests have gone home and even the flowers have faded, at least you will have the photos to look back on. Year after year.

So why do I love weddings? It’s not just because of the cake – mind you; who doesn’t love a bit of wedding cake? It’s more fundamental than that. I love people and weddings bring out the best in people. Happy faces, tears of joy. Families all together enjoying their company if only for a few hours. You can literally feel the love at a wedding and that’s what I’m trying to capture in my wedding photography style. Love and cake. There’s nothing better in my view.