Young Woman with skateboard

I met up with this young woman in January; sort of by chance but actually because I am speaking to her Mum about wedding photography in 2023. It’s more than 10 years since taking her photo at a photo party in Gravesend she had for her birthday. You forget how much changes for young people in such a relatively short time (10 years seems short in time to me – but then I’m a great deal older) Now she has a degree and working on her masters. She has a young child and is in a solid relationship. She’s a confident woman with a mature outlook. I couldn’t have guessed at that from the photo party shots taken in her teens, but if you look at this picture, you can see she has something in her eyes that give a clue to her personality.

Catching up with her was so satisfying as I rarely see family photography commissions often after shoots, unless they ask me back for other milestone dates in their lives.(some families have asked me to photograph their children and then go one to photograph their grandchildren)

Next year, it will be the first time I’ll have photographed her Mother, but I hope it will be another opportunity to stay in touch with this lovely family.