Wedding photography is generally picked and paid for by the couple themselves – but occasionally, other members of the family will also want a say. Last year a couple contacted me to say they already have their photographer booked but Mother of the Bride wanted wedding shots taken at the house as the bride’s partner was getting ready from there. With the main photographer covering the bridal party at a hotel before moving to the wedding venue, it meant they had no one capturing wedding shots, before the ceremony, at the house. So they contacted me to see if I would be interested and able to carry out a pre-wedding shoot. I was of course, delighted to be involved.

The bride’s partner had themed their outfit for a ‘steampunk’ look; complete with long trench coat and top hat. It looked amazing and photographs of them in the full outfit taken at the house turned out beautifully. Of course, before they put on the outfit, there are shots of them easing themselves into the day with other family members and even a photograph or two of them posing with a duck. Yes; a duck. It was well behaved thank goodness although I did give it a clean up before we did the wedding shots.

Getting those additional wedding shots was a wonderful addition to this couple’s special day and means they have wedding shots of each of them getting ready before the ceremony – a super addition that completes the wedding day story for them.