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February 4, 2016

High End Photo Album

Photography has changed so much since I started my interest in it in the 1970s. One of the big difference…

January 18, 2016

House sales online need great photos

How do you sell houses faster? Houses sell faster if you present professional photos to potential buyers online. Fact. Sure;…

Britt Whyatt Winni the witch
October 29, 2015

October’s calendar shot is…

… Britt Whyatt. As October 31st is the time of ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night,…

September 28, 2015

Dartford Valley RFC supporting again

I’m made up! Sunday, I supported Dartford Valley Rugby Football Club as they distributed new kit to its squad. With…

September 25, 2015

Photos from Dartford’s #dartfordhour meet up

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META boys calendar photoshoot
September 1, 2015

Photoshoot for September’s calendar shot is…

The META boys run a successful fitness studio in Chatham and kindly agreed to sponsor a page on the ABC…

August 25, 2015

Boxer in the photographic spotlight

@capitalroofing4 @BoxingNewsJD @BFNNutrition @bresserphotos @FightersRated @FightLabel @boxfituk @Adam4cSports — John cole (@johnnyecole) August 25, 2015 Photography session with local…

August 18, 2015


Bresserphotos is delighted to announce it will be presenting a short item on personal branding at a free event entitled…

August 1, 2015

Helpful Info from Make on How to display your wall art photography

I found this infographic extremely helpful in understanding how to work out the best way of displaying your large format…

Table plan for Dartford Valley Rugby Football Club's Oval Ball - 2015
July 25, 2015

Dartford Valley RFC Oval Ball

It’s wonderful when an organisation you are proud to support gives you support in return. Dartford Valley Rugby Football Club…